Manners and Dance

Cultivating positive relationships and civility for all generations

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Ms. Laura earned her bachelor's degree in Business Management from Hodges University, 2008 and is also a Notary for the State of Florida.

She began teaching Ballroom dance in 1998 and soon noticed a need for basic social training to go along with the dance instruction. Around the same time her own children were preparing to enter middle school and so she decided to start working with them and their friends on social and life skills along with any dance instruction.

She learned early that the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", transcends all socio-economic levels and that etiquette and dance make a perfect combination.


What Others Are Saying

  • "I am delighted to recommend Laura Spell as a highly gifted teacher and instructor in her work with children in the areas of instruction in manners and dance. I am always amazed at how children really blossom under her training. The difference is wonderful. Every community should have access to a Ms. Laura to transform their children."– Fr. James Kennaugh Rector at Kingdom Life Anglican Church, Naples, FL
  • "An excellent dancer in her own right, Laura works well with students and maintains professionalism on all levels."– Steve Hart, Co-Founder, Revelanza
  • "With Laura you don't just get a teacher, you get an end result that is superb. Her passion for what she does bleeds into everything and her love of children and her love of dance has no ends. I had the opportunity not only to have my son take her class on manners, which he enjoyed very much, but also work with her a few years prior. What a team player she is. Her creative aptitude knows no ends and her ability to teach is amazing. She makes learning fun."– Sue-Jolie Rioux, CEO
  • "I have worked with Laura on many occasions and recommend her as a teacher who cares about her subjects and works well with kids. She has patience and a good sense of humor."– Richard Ballo, Client since 1999


Some notes from Laura's students

  • "Dear Ms. Laura, Thank you for such a wonderful week. We had a great time. Have a great rest of your summer."– Kimi, Shelly and Gigi
  • "Dear Ms. Laura, Thank you for giving us food, bread to feed the turtles, giving us activities and games. "– Love, Daniel
  • "Dear Ms. Laura, Thank you for all you taught me. It was fun learning all those manners and playing games. I hope I can come next year! "– Sincerely, Dawson
  • "Dear Ms. Laura, Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us. We learned so much from you that we show our great parents. All you have done brightened us. I will miss you. I hope to see you next year. "– Love, Katie